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OK…so when I was running trips for dear old Uncle Stan at Snake River Park back in the college days (check out the my story page on our website… About Us ) Billy’s Burgers might as well been our kitchen.  Everyday, after being on the river all day and maybe just eating a banana or granola bar, we would come back to town, sit on the counter barstool at Billy’s and put away at least one half pound burger, and yes sometimes two!  It was the perfect ending to the day.

This is not only the best burger in Jackson Hole, but one of the best burgers I have ever had…and I do consider myself an expert in the field.  And still, to this day, the price for the half pound buger (with grease and juice dripping down your elbows) and a basket of fries is still just $5.25 with tax.  An absolute steal in Jackson Hole.  The place is usually packed, but don’t be too discouraged because they move people out pretty quickly.  You can also order the burgers inside the Cadillac bar or also order the burger to go and just cruise on over to the Town Square park across the street and eat it there.  If you can though, it is fun to sit inside the Billy’s portion of the restaurant…it is very lively and entertaining.  Whatever you do though, don’t miss this meal!  It is located right on the Town Square, inside the Cadillac restaurant, which is right next door to the Million Dollar Cowbay Bar.

Side note…working on the river could not have been a better job for a college person…but I always had the dream of flipping burgers at Billy’s.  The running commentary with the customers, the chance to say “Order Up!” after every burger that was completed, free burgers all the time (that could have been dangerous though)…it would have been a dream.  Tried to get a part time gig there once, but the shifts just did not work well with the river schedule.  I am still holding out hope though one day…OK…this is getting too deep!