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“It was the highlight of our vacation!” … Year after year, wave after wave, this is our most frequent compliment

Advice from Previous Rafters

Most first time rafters have a lot of questions before their trip. Adventure is fun but it is always nice to know what to expect. To help answer those questions, prepare you for your trip, and insure you get the most from your experience, and we have compiled the most...

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Where Are They Now- Mary Grove

Mary Gove, worked with Dave Hansen from 2004 to 2012 as a “whitewater booking extraordinaire” in our office. Mary was a whiz at multitasking as she could answer a phone, dunk wetsuits, sell a t- shirt, arrange a boat list, and book a reservation all at the same time....

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Where are They Now: Ryan Hoff

Ryan worked for Dave Hansen Whitewater for five seasons from 2010-2014. During his time here, he held several positions. First as a raft guide, then as a Head Raft Guide, and finally as the Operations Manager. During his time at Dave Hansen, Ryan had the chance to...

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In Memory of Ian Lynch

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NRsWHlUK6No On the afternoon of June 25th, guide and shuttle driver Ian Lynch passed away. Ian worked for Dave Hansen Whitewater for over five years and was a staple in the Dave Hansen Family. Hundreds of guests had the opportunity to...

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Wedding Parties on the Snake

Bud and Kelly, Dave Hansen Whitewater owners, were married in Jackson, WY a few years ago. With all their family and friends coming in to town, they wanted to provide an activity for their guests to partake in. They scheduled a rafting trip for their group and it...

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How To Series

When preparing to raft, there is a lot to consider. How should I pack? How should I dress? How will I get in the raft? How do I paddle? These are just a few of the countless questions our guests ask. To make the rafting learning curve a little easier and to prepare...

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Guide Training- How Experienced is your guide?

When going whitewater rafting, a lot of faith is put in the guide and their expertise. Dave Hansen understands that a guide can make or break a guest’s experience and this is why we insure we have the safest, most responsible, and fun guides leading our trips! Last...

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A Jackson Hole Winter Through Guide Ryan’s Eyes.

      Closing weekend does not necessarily mean the end of ski season for many locals, and I especially felt that way this year. With all the snow up high, I wanted to get back to my January goal of skiing the “High Country” in Grand Teton National Park. The month of...

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Office Gal, Campbell, hits the river for her first time!

As a new employee here at Dave Hansen, I got the opportunity to experience both the scenic float and whitewater trips last week! They were both so much fun but also very different. I was not nervous at all in the beginning of the scenic trip. I knew it was going to be...

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Jackson Hole Summer Activities for Families