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Yesterday we had a lot of fun.  For excitement and scenery you could not ask for a better place then the a whitewater trip down the Snake River in Jackson Hole.  The TV show Kickstart called us a few weeks ago and wanted us to help them film an episode of their relatity based show.  In this show, people who have had their share of challenges in life thrown their  way in life are chosen and are trying to overcome and phobias in their life.  In this episode, Stacy, who is a divorced mother of three, is hoping to overcome her fear of water.

So we took the Kickstart crew and their host Ron down the Snake River Canyon of Jackson Hole for a great day of whitewater raftig with Stacy.  Deuce was the guide for both trips and did a great job.  Stacy did a great job too and in fact floated the whitewater section twice, being a lead paddle for her second trip!   The river just happened to be at one of its highest levels of the season during the filming.

We got a few shots of the episode, but the whole show will not air until late in August and it will air on NBC in Utah, Wyoming, Idaho and Montana.   We will be sure to post the link of the show once it has aired.