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My lovely roommate just got a killer job working the tables (and by tables I mean desks) at the Sundance Inn in town.  So, like any self-respecting and mildly annoying friend would do, I stopped by to harass her a bit and check out the scene.  Trixi* was busily answering phones at the front desk- hello summer bookings!- so I had to amuse myself by making silly faces in a nearby mirror (I’ve discovered that I’m very good at looking like a fish).  Before she was set to close up, Trixi took me on a fancy little tour around Sundance complete with a fake British accent– lobby sounds so much better when you call it the Paaaw-looor.  Here are my thoughts: super clean (my mom would love that), awesome staff, and great European vibe to the whole place.  I plan on returning to sip a nice chilled lemonade and wave hello to passers-by on the fabulous balcony as soon as Trixi lets me back in the place.  After my superb tour (the new beds rock!), Trix and I headed off into the sunset- and by off into the sunset I mean one block down to grab some dinner. 
*Individual’s name has been changed to avoid embarrassing association with me.