Dave Hansen Whitewater https://www.davehansenwhitewater.com Jackson Hole, Wyoming Since 1967 Mon, 15 Jan 2018 21:24:47 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.9.2 Advice from Previous Rafters https://www.davehansenwhitewater.com/advice-from-previous-rafters/ https://www.davehansenwhitewater.com/advice-from-previous-rafters/#respond Sun, 24 Jul 2016 15:46:58 +0000 https://www.davehansenwhitewater.com/?p=1079 Most first time rafters have a lot of questions before their trip. Adventure is fun but it is always nice to know what to expect. To help answer those questions, prepare you for your trip, and insure you get the most from your experience, and we have compiled the most common tips from our previous rafters.

  • “I wish I would have known to bring dry clothes as a first time whitewater rafter.”
  • “You get wet, and some seats get soaked, so electronics need protection or better yet don’t bring them. Items can be left on the bus since the bus you ride on it the bus you go back on.”
  • “Be prepared to get wet! Volunteer for the front if possible. Look up during the slower portions for chances to see bald eagles and ospreys– we saw both on the trip.”
  • “We didn’t pack a bag of dry clothes and we wished we had, the bus driver stayed on/with the bus so it would have been fine to leave a bag on the bus.”
  • “We wished we would have known that it was a short hike at the end of the ride. Not difficult, super easy, but just good to know.”
  • “So glad we had wetsuits for the rafting and dry towels and clothes to change into for the bus ride back.”
  • “The wetsuits were quite helpful.”
  • “If you have binoculars, be sure to bring them with you. It greatly increases your visual enjoyment.”
  • “If you go you must sit up front because that is where the big rapids and water are really fun….”
  • “Sit in the front if you want to get wet!!”
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Where Are They Now- Mary Grove https://www.davehansenwhitewater.com/where-are-they-now/ https://www.davehansenwhitewater.com/where-are-they-now/#respond Sun, 10 Jul 2016 16:42:14 +0000 https://www.davehansenwhitewater.com/?p=1003 12185455_10153260496968927_5128051588607088092_o

Mary Gove, worked with Dave Hansen from 2004 to 2012 as a “whitewater booking extraordinaire” in our office. Mary was a whiz at multitasking as she could answer a phone, dunk wetsuits, sell a t- shirt, arrange a boat list, and book a reservation all at the same time.

Mary compared her time working at Dave Hansen to that of a summer camp. She grew up with this company going as far as lying about her age so she could work here. She reflects fondly on the wild tribe days, the countless company parties, and the boggle games between trips.

Most of all, Mary appreciated the camaraderie at Dave Hansen Whitewater. Knowing that she wasn’t seen as just an employee to Bud and Kelly but rather a family member. In fact, she was early for her prom one year and decided to stop in the original office to hang out with and take prom photos with Bud and the DH bus. During her time at Dave Hansen, Mary met the love of her life and husband. In addition to this relationship, she  formed some of her best and dearest friendships during the over-book days, boat list maneuvering, t shirt folding, and wetsuit dunking that took place in that office.

After her time at Dave Hansen, Mary went on to have the most perfect baby girl. Today she is blessed to serve as a stay at home Mom, at the mercy of her two toddlers. This summer she is looking forward to taking her youngest on his first trip down the river! A future Dave Hansen employee? We think so! Mary’s final pieces of advice are to always ride the bull, swim when allowed, keep calm, and Raft On!

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Where are They Now: Ryan Hoff https://www.davehansenwhitewater.com/where-are-they-now-ryan-hoff/ https://www.davehansenwhitewater.com/where-are-they-now-ryan-hoff/#respond Sun, 03 Jul 2016 16:59:26 +0000 https://www.davehansenwhitewater.com/?p=920 934977_10151582864942838_2086509753_n

Ryan worked for Dave Hansen Whitewater for five seasons from 2010-2014. During his time here, he held several positions. First as a raft guide, then as a Head Raft Guide, and finally as the Operations Manager.

During his time at Dave Hansen, Ryan had the chance to take some awesome folks down the river with him. The Wounded Warriors, his 84 year old grandmother, his College Lacrosse Coach, and the Golic Family from ESPN’s Mike and Mike in the Morning Show were just a few of the amazing guests he guided. Ryan also had the opportunity to raft the Snake River during an extremely fun, intense, and record breaking year. Jackson received a huge snowfall one winter and the river was at “High-water” for over two months and reached a high of 27,000 CFS.

While working at Dave Hansen, Ryan realized that passion for what you do is something that can get you really far no matter what profession you are in. He tries to apply that passion in everything he does. He describes working outside on the river as an incredible experience but having a great team of people working together as the key to his happiness while at Dave Hansen. He always felt that he had great support from his boss, Kyle and company owners Bud and Kelly. He also felt that Dave Hansen had the best group of guides, drivers and office staff in Jackson because they cared about their job, had fun, and worked hard. Most of all, Ryan enjoyed being involved in the highlight of people’s vacations. Ryan describes there being a lot of happiness on the Snake River from the smiles and laughs of guests to the fun times the guide crew would have between trips.

While guiding, Ryan was sure to have fun. He spend his trips trying to get his guests to make fun of Keith Vosmus as much as possible. Keith’s height and the fact that he wore gloves to combat sunburn on his hands were just a few topics for joking. Ryan also had fun by trying to get his boat to join the “Snake River Swim Team” and offering to join them if the whole boat obliged.

After leaving Dave Hansen, Kyle traveled to Dubai, Nepal, Australia, and New Zealand before settling in Hartford, CT and starting his current job in TV production at ESPN. In this position, he assists in the support the production of ESPN TV Shows and live events. The production of X Games including the World of X Games on ABC, X Games Aspen, X Games Oslo, and X Games Austin are a few of the shows he works on. In August he will switch over and begin working on the College Football production crew.

Ryan encourages current guides to enjoy what they do, smile, have fun on the river, take joy in the fact that you can help make someone’s vacation, and be passionate about the job they have. He encourages rafters to LISTEN to their guide when they are talking as they are guiding the boat for a reason. Other than that, he encourages everyone to have fun, let loose, laugh, goof around, enjoy the scenery and the experience, talk to the other guests, talk to your guide, and ask questions (there are dumb ones- but we will still answer them).

Ryan loved his five years at Dave Hansen and wouldn’t trade them for the world. DH has great people on the team from top to bottom and it was a true joy to have Ryan part of it. RAFT ON!

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In Memory of Ian Lynch https://www.davehansenwhitewater.com/in-memory-of-ian-lynch/ https://www.davehansenwhitewater.com/in-memory-of-ian-lynch/#respond Thu, 30 Jun 2016 20:57:58 +0000 https://www.davehansenwhitewater.com/?p=917

On the afternoon of June 25th, guide and shuttle driver Ian Lynch passed away. Ian worked for Dave Hansen Whitewater for over five years and was a staple in the Dave Hansen Family. Hundreds of guests had the opportunity to go down the river with Ian and all came back raving about his personality and jokes. Fellow employees commented on his ability to jump in when help was needed and get through some the busiest days on the river. Friends mentioned his vibrant personality, loud laugh, and memorable smile. Raft On Ian!

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Wedding Parties on the Snake https://www.davehansenwhitewater.com/wedding-parties-on-the-snake/ https://www.davehansenwhitewater.com/wedding-parties-on-the-snake/#respond Sun, 19 Jun 2016 18:38:20 +0000 https://www.davehansenwhitewater.com/?p=898 291806_10150304292962838_2775638_n306845_10150304293162838_7215824_n

Bud and Kelly, Dave Hansen Whitewater owners, were married in Jackson, WY a few years ago. With all their family and friends coming in to town, they wanted to provide an activity for their guests to partake in. They scheduled a rafting trip for their group and it became the highlight of the weekend! (Other than the ceremony of course) The trip provided their guests with a fun way to catch up with one another, reconnect with those they had not seen in awhile, and meet others before the ceremony.

In the years since Bud and Kelly’s wedding trip, Dave Hansen has taken countless wedding parties down the Snake River on both whitewater trips and scenic river floats. Our trips meet the needs of everyone in a wedding party.

Whitewater trips are great for anyone over six years old. In addition to the action packed rapids, there are calm sections to kick back, relax, and enjoy the gorgeous Snake River Canyon scenery. Our trips are taken in 8 Man Rafts and Standard Rafts. The 8-man raft is smaller and more active as everyone needs to paddle. The standard raft is bigger in size and accommodates groups with varying comfort levels as not all guests have to paddle.

The scenic float trips are great for the members of your party who want to stay dry and enjoy a gentle ride. You will have the opportunity to experience beautiful Teton scenery, observe wildlife such as eagles, elk, and moose, and learn about the Jackson Hole area. 

Additionally, the bride and groom are provided with a cowboy and cowgirl vail hat to wear as they ride the bull down the Snake River. A “Just Married” banner is attached to the couple’s raft as they make their way down the river and provides a great photo op.

Wedding party rafting is sure to make your special weekend even more memorable. To learn more about our trips, visit our website at davehansenwhitewater.com. If you have questions or would like to reserve a wedding trip, give us a call at 307-733-6295.

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How To Series https://www.davehansenwhitewater.com/how-to-series/ https://www.davehansenwhitewater.com/how-to-series/#respond Tue, 07 Jun 2016 14:33:40 +0000 https://www.davehansenwhitewater.com/?p=876 When preparing to raft, there is a lot to consider. How should I pack? How should I dress? How will I get in the raft? How do I paddle? These are just a few of the countless questions our guests ask.

To make the rafting learning curve a little easier and to prepare our guests, we have put together a series of ‘How To’ videos that will allow guests to better understand their trip.

Each day this week, a new video will be launched featuring an explanation to one of these questions.Below is the schedule for the upcoming posts:

Tuesday June 7- How to Dress

Wednesday June 8- How to Pack

Thursday June 9- How to load a raft

Friday June 10- How to Paddle

For future reference, these videos can be found on our social media accounts and our YouTube channel. Raft on!

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Guide Training- How Experienced is your guide? https://www.davehansenwhitewater.com/guide-training-how-experienced-is-your-guide/ https://www.davehansenwhitewater.com/guide-training-how-experienced-is-your-guide/#respond Tue, 31 May 2016 17:28:46 +0000 https://www.davehansenwhitewater.com/?p=860 When going whitewater rafting, a lot of faith is put in the guide and their expertise. Dave Hansen understands that a guide can make or break a guest’s experience and this is why we insure we have the safest, most responsible, and fun guides leading our trips!

Last week, our guides completed their preseason training. This training took place over five days on the Snake River. On Sunday, it started with a welcome pizza party where guides introduced themselves and discussed the training week’s expectations, check off policies, guidelines, and itinerary. Bright and early Monday morning, the discussions began. Gear management, hydrology, boat and oar control, high water safety, boat order/ spacing, communication, use of paddle crew, birds/ wildlife, and risk management were just a few of the countless areas guides learned about. In addition to these discussions, the guides became familiar with Dave Hansen’s protocols including what to do in the event of medical emergencies, missing a boat ramp, picking up non- customers, flipping, using an AED, becoming stuck on gravel bar, and river evacuations.

Guides then had the opportunity to practice their skills by participating in swim drills, flips, and mock boat ramp drills. They also had the chance to ride along with experienced guides before going for their check- off.

Hard skills are not the only areas our guides are trained in. In order for our guests to learn on their trip, our guides study various topics including the History of Jackson and the surrounding area, Wyoming State information, the natives to Jackson, the Teton Range, and area wildlife. Additionally, it’s vital that Dave Hansen guides can instruct guests about safety, paddling, loading/ unloading rafts, bull riding, surfing, and sitting in the raft. Our guides have the ability to be personable, work with guests, and encourage them to have fun!

To meet our 2016 guides, visit the “Meet the Guides” page on our website at Davehansenwhitewater.com.

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The Waiting Game: Our General Manager’s trip down the most coveted stretch of river in the United States https://www.davehansenwhitewater.com/the-waiting-game-our-general-managers-trip-down-the-most-coveted-stretch-of-river-in-the-united-states/ Thu, 05 Jun 2014 20:07:37 +0000 https://www.davehansenwhitewater.com/the-waiting-game-our-general-managers-trip-down-the-most-coveted-stretch-of-river-in-the-united-states/ DH General Manager and trip leader, Kyle Vosmus, among friends and fellow rafting guides, planned the trip of a lifetime last October. The ball got rolling for preparations a year and a half ahead of their launch date, but little did they know that the government was headed for a shut down. In the stress filled weeks leading up to October 12, 2013, the group was still unsure if they would even be allowed access to the Grand Canyon. Luckily, the evening before they were set to launch the Governor of Arizona opened the gates! I had the opportunity to sit down and hear more about the trip from Kyle and grabbed some pictures from him to share with you all here on our blog.

See ya on the river!

What dates were you did the trip span across? How many total days were you gone?
The trip began on 10/12/13 and ended 11/1/13. We were on the water for 21 days.

Was this just a stretch or did you pass through the entire canyon? What class of rapids were you heading through?
We floated from Lees Ferry through Marble and Grand Canyons, 280 miles total on the Colorado River. There are more than 150 named rapids on the stretch so they do a different class system than the average whitewater section. In the grand the system ranges from 1-10, we went through 2 class 9 rapids on our trip.

How many folks went with you? How did you all know each other? Age range?
We had 18 total people, but with jobs and such we lost 2 folks part of the way through, and gained 2 folks at Phantom Ranch. Our age range was wide from 22-60. Part of the group was made up by myself, my brother, my father, and my fiance… I guess you could call it a family affair.

How did the trip work? Did you rent rafts or bring along your own?
We worked with an outfitter called Moenkopi Riverworks (they’re the best at what they do) and rented 5 boats. We brought along two of our own boats from Jackson. Moenkopi did all the food, and supplied all the best equipment to make the trip awesome. I would highly reccommend them to anyone looking into a Grand Canyon rafting trip.

What were the best rapids in your opinion?
Lava and Crystal are the most popular choices… but Horn and Hance gave us trouble. To me that makes them more memorable.

Did you or anyone get stir crazy out there? What did you do to spice up the days… aside from all of the amazing views.
Nope, the only thing that was crazy was that everyone wanted to go back and do it again immediately after it ended. We did two costume days, one was a super hero theme and the other was anything goes. Some of the costumes were really great, we had Quailman from Doug, Wolverine, Superman, “Granny Canyon”, Stuey from Family Guy, a color warrior, Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty… the list goes on. It was the best idea we had, that day was awesome.

Tell us about camping at the end of the days.
So, each campsite is basically at the mouth of a side canyon on sandy beaches. After your daily chores are finished, there is always time to explore these side/slot canyons. A couple of them got kind of tricky though, with steepness and the rocks not having too much grip on them… and some of the crevasses were pretty narrow. One side canyon we had to swim to so that was pretty cool.

What are these “daily chores” you speak of?
We had 4 groups of 4. One day your group would be responsible for cooking all the meals for that day, the next day you would be responsible for cleanup after all the meals, the next day you were responsible for the bathroom, the next day you were off! It wasn’t bad at all.

How did you all clean your water & what kids of things did you eat?
We had a large industrial water purifier that Moenkopi hooked us up with. We had to purify our water every 4 days or so, so that was part of the chorse. We had everything you eat on a day-to-day basis and more. We ate tacos, burritos, chorizo, fish, the best deli meat I have ever eaten, bacon, eggs, pancakes, bagels… everything you can think of, we literally had awesome food! The outfitter really has perfected the art of food packing in the grand canyon, as well as entertainment. They gave us bocce ball, polish horseshoes, regular horseshoes, volleyball, whiffleball, frisbee – the company was so prepared.

Top 3 best parts of the trip?
1. Being with the best family and friends
2. 21 days of sleeping under the stars
3. The best whitewater in the world

Would you recommend this trip to anyone or a specific type of person? Is experience necessary?
If rafting is your thing, this is the ultimate rafting adventure. Commercial trips take 7-14 days so you don’t have to do a huge 21 day trip like we all did. Experience isn’t necessary for everyone, but you need at least one person who’s knowledgable to help get through the tricky rapids.

I hear your brother made a video of the trip. Where can we find this?
It’s on YouTube under Grand Canyon October 12th 2013.

Getting funky Redwall Cavern

Keith and Kirk getting ready for Bedrock Rapid

Kyle, Kirk, & Keith in Redwall Cavern

Kyle and Fiance, Ronnie-Jean in their costume day attire

Getting ready for the night float on the last day of the trip

Kirk “Old Man River” basking in the beautiful sunlight!

A Jackson Hole Winter Through Guide Ryan’s Eyes. https://www.davehansenwhitewater.com/a-jackson-hole-winter-through-guide-ryans-eyes/ Thu, 08 May 2014 05:29:40 +0000 https://www.davehansenwhitewater.com/a-jackson-hole-winter-through-guide-ryans-eyes/ <><–>




Closing weekend does not necessarily mean the end of ski season for many locals, and I especially felt that way this year. With all the snow up high, I wanted to get back to my January goal of skiing the “High Country” in Grand Teton National Park. The month of March allowed for some beautifully blue days to ski some amazingly picturesque areas. Hiking up and skiing off the summit of Buck Mountain was the highlight of the spring for several reasons, but my skiing season isn’t over yet. I’m sure you can find me in the National Park this summer on my off-days trying to ski a select few lines that still have some snow on them. That is one of the things that make this place so special: the ability to have uniquely different years that all lead to an incredibly beautiful place to call home.  Can’t wait to see you all on the river this summer, it’ll be a wet one on the Snake River!  -RH


Video from ski trip to Fairy Meadows:   www.youtube.com/watch



Steve Doherty skis the Ellingwood Couloir off the Middle Teton (top). 
Guide Chase Sandbloom hikes up West Hourglass Couloir (bottom).















Office Gal, Campbell, hits the river for her first time! https://www.davehansenwhitewater.com/office-gal-campbell-hits-the-river-for-her-first-time/ Tue, 06 May 2014 20:40:39 +0000 https://www.davehansenwhitewater.com/office-gal-campbell-hits-the-river-for-her-first-time/ As a new employee here at Dave Hansen, I got the opportunity to experience both the scenic float and whitewater trips last week! They were both so much fun but also very different. I was not nervous at all in the beginning of the scenic trip. I knew it was going to be a calm, smooth ride. I got to see so much wildlife and the views were incredible! I saw several bald eagles and even some pelicans. Since I am a new resident to Jackson, it really allowed me to learn the different mountain ranges. The whitewater trip was a little different. I was very nervous about the cool temperature of the water as it is still very early in the season. Being from South Carolina, it is hard to imagine why I would want to go get wet in water where there is still snow on the ground (in some places). I was blown away by how much fun it was! I even jumped in the water and went swimming! If you are looking for a little more adventure, I would highly recommend the whitewater trip. I can’t wait to be able to go on my next trip as soon as possible!

Raft On!