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When going whitewater rafting, a lot of faith is put in the guide and their expertise. Dave Hansen understands that a guide can make or break a guest’s experience and this is why we insure we have the safest, most responsible, and fun guides leading our trips!

Last week, our guides completed their preseason training. This training took place over five days on the Snake River. On Sunday, it started with a welcome pizza party where guides introduced themselves and discussed the training week’s expectations, check off policies, guidelines, and itinerary. Bright and early Monday morning, the discussions began. Gear management, hydrology, boat and oar control, high water safety, boat order/ spacing, communication, use of paddle crew, birds/ wildlife, and risk management were just a few of the countless areas guides learned about. In addition to these discussions, the guides became familiar with Dave Hansen’s protocols including what to do in the event of medical emergencies, missing a boat ramp, picking up non- customers, flipping, using an AED, becoming stuck on gravel bar, and river evacuations.

Guides then had the opportunity to practice their skills by participating in swim drills, flips, and mock boat ramp drills. They also had the chance to ride along with experienced guides before going for their check- off.

Hard skills are not the only areas our guides are trained in. In order for our guests to learn on their trip, our guides study various topics including the History of Jackson and the surrounding area, Wyoming State information, the natives to Jackson, the Teton Range, and area wildlife. Additionally, it’s vital that Dave Hansen guides can instruct guests about safety, paddling, loading/ unloading rafts, bull riding, surfing, and sitting in the raft. Our guides have the ability to be personable, work with guests, and encourage them to have fun!

To meet our 2016 guides, visit the “Meet the Guides” page on our website at Davehansenwhitewater.com.