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We had quite the morning here at Dave Hansen…eleven brave souls dove into our giant blue Caddies for a scenic tour down the snake under cover of cloud and threat of rain.  And rain it did.

True to Jackson Pioneer fashion, everyone braved the elements with admirably high spirits- and loads of ponchos and blankets.  I myself felt a little like a pioneer- because a.)  I’m a dork and b.)  I am still obsessed with Oregon Trail.  “Caulk the Wagons and Float” we did as we took on the Snake and everything she had to offer us.

And, let me tell you- she had quite a bit to offer.  From rushing water to misty clouds to giant floating trees there was quite a bit of excellent action this morning.  Aside from the action, we also found the trip to be quite educational.  For example, we learned that Bald Eagles dig the rain- there were three checking us out as we floated under them.  Pelicans, on the other hand prefer to just chill in bunches, bow their heads, and look miserable.

They could take some lessons in enjoying the moment from our guests!

After sliding out of the boats, peeling off life jackets, and getting a cup of steaming hot chocolate, everyone was still smiling.

Sticking it out in the elements and enjoying the surrounding beauty?
Now that is some Jackson Spirit!

Well done Becker, Fox, Cook and Wolff families!  We’d put you in our covered wagon any day.