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Ever wonder how those first cowboys must have felt riding in the mountains of Wyoming? Or how about how the first adventurers felt when they floated down the Snake River when they first came to Jackson Hole?  Well now you can find out! What better way to experience the rolling hills and majestic beauty of Wyoming than from the back of a horse? And even better, you can have the wild Wyoming river experience in the same day.  And still even better, if you book a paddle to saddle package with Dave Hansen Whitewater you receive a 10% discount on both activities! If rafting and horseback riding sounds like too much in one day, there is always the option to split these activities up over a couple of days.  The paddle to saddle package can apply to our whitewater, scenic, or combo trips, and there are a variety of different rides available. Come sign up for a packsge trip this summer at Dave Hansen Whitewater!