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Burnt Grilled Cheese


Sitting in the office having some tasty yogurt trying to decide if I like the crunchy granola I put in it.  The verdict is still out.  Mary and I are listening to some rockin’ tunes on Sirius Radio’s “Soul Town”- its definitely a customer and employee favorite (although if Kyle had his way we’d be listening to Grateful Dead Central or something to that effect).  Ooh!  Hall & Oates just came on…got to love a little blue-eyed soul.



Needless to say, things are cruising at a pretty slow (though steady) pace in the office since the airport closed down (nice timing, Jackson).  However, the calls are still streaming in with people getting their summer trips together. 


We’ve been taking quite a few Jackson locals down the river before our crazy summer starts…let me say that they were looking oh so fine in their wetsuits as they took off.  Hope they got some serious wave hits today! 


In other news, Emily has just returned to the office for the summer.  Our blonde office worker count is now up to 2.  The brunettes are still defeating us.  I’m thinking of adding peroxide to Mary’s shampoo.  Fun fact of the day: Emily can speak fifteen (yes, fifteen) dialects.  And she does a mean German accent.  Which I think is the most awesome talent ever.  I might just start calling her Helga. 


Ok, I think you’ve heard me ramble enough. 

Rock on and Raft on friends. 


Over and out-