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Spring has sprung in Jackson…finally!  The leaves are turning green, the birds are chirping, there hasn’t been any threat of snow for at least four days…and the tour buses are rollin’ in.  We’re all pretty psyched in the office to chat with customers- we’ve run out of things to say to ole’ Jason “chatter-box” Crockett. 


I’m pumped for my 5th season at DHWW!  This season promises to be totally awesome with high water, great guides, even better office staff, and some hacky sack session outside the DHWW office!


With the change in the weather comes a change in my routine.  This week I’ve been busy exploring the hikes that are clear- High School Butte is still kicking my tush, but the views are great.  Josie’s Ridge and the ever-popular Snow King trek are also finally clear and beautiful as always. 


I’ve also been busy “exploring” (and by exploring I mean chowing down) at the local restaurants that have just re-opened.  My old standbys are still making my tummy smile- fajita plates at the Merry Piglets, massive B-B-Q sandwiches at Bubbas, and tasty burgers at Billy’s.  I’m excited to check out the new summer menus at Trio and The Bistro- my fingers are crossed for a mean elk dish and some creative use of rhubarb.  Top Chef, look out!       

Raft On,  Mary G