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Over here at Dave Hansen Whitewater, we have a super-secret, uber-exclusive, invite-only club for the most extreme and adventurous rafters out there. Just kidding… but we do have something pretty darn cool if we may say so ourselves – The Snake River Swim Team, and we want EVERYONE to join! All you have to do is jump in, go for a swim, and have an awesome time. Be sure you don’t go rogue and spontaneously go swimming, even though it may seem tempting! Your guide will let you know when you get to the “Lazy Mile” and it’s safe to bust out your freestyle or backstroke. Back at the office we have super cool Snake River Swim Team wristbands for all of our new members to show off.

Depending on the time of year, hopping off the raft and into the chilly water may not seem like your idea of fun… but we guarantee once you get soaked the first time, you’ll be climbing back onto the raft as fast as you can, only so you can use it as a diving board to hop right back in. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, your guide will go for a dip with you too and maybe even do a flip!

Either way, you’re going to get drenched from head to toe so why not go big, jump in, and tell everyone about your amazing trip to Jackson Hole!

Raft On!