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We could not have asked for a better May in Jackson Hole!  When the weather can traditionally range from 1 foot of snow (jeans and t-shirt weather for locals) to 80 degrees (time work on your Teva tan weather), we have been very lucky this spring to have crisp spring like morning with blue sky and afternoons that warm up in the 70s.   The Dave Hansen Crew has had some unbelievable scenic trips, with the highlights being a herd of 30 elk crossing 25 feet in front of the rafts and seeing a cow moose with her newborn calf who could not have been much more than 2 or 3 days old (she was still trying to figure out how to use those long legs on the river rocks).

The whitewater trips have been spectacular.  The warm weather during the day and the cool nights have started a gradual snow melt and the river level has been inching up, giving our guides new waves to play with everyday.  We took down a great group of family and friends yesterday.  All styled out in wetsuits and splash gear, Pradeep and his crew crashed through the waves at Station Creek, S-Turns, Cutbanks, and skirted around 3-Oar Deal (Class VI hydraulic…definitely one you want to skirt).  And this was just the first half of the trip!  “You mean they get bigger!” Everyone said with a laugh floating through gauging straights as Kyle was giving everyone ready for the second half of the trip.   They blasted through Lunch Counter and Ropes.  Went down the slide at Champagne and finished off strong in the playground of waves through the 3/4 mile stretch of Cottonwoods.

The water this season is going to be ideal.  The snow melt has been steady and the weather level is going to stay up at some fun levels that we typically do not get a chance to see for a long time.  It will then settle down into its great normal level all the way through September.  We are looking forward to having a great season getting people soaked!