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We get this question all the time, what’s the difference between a standard raft and an 8-man raft? And, additionally, what’s the best fit for my group? I’ll attempt to help clear that up.

All aboard the standard raft, everyone welcome! This raft seats 10-16 people, offering a middle seat on each row (perfect for small children or those who maybe aren’t interested in paddling). The standard raft is perfect for families and groups traveling with children because there’s options for everyone. Kids can “ride the bull” up on the front of the raft, like a hood ornament through Lunch Counter, or they can hang out in the back, get a little less wet, and help the guide call commands.
Next up, the 8-man. This raft seats, you guessed it, up to 8 people! Everyone’s going to paddle hard on this one, and since it’s a smaller raft, you’re going to get soaked from head to toe! Be sure to sit in the front to get smacked in the face by Lunch Counter and Big Kahuna. You don’t have to be an experienced river rafter to ride this raft, just have a hunger for big waves and adventure.
Either way you choose, smile big! You can guarantee Float-O-Graphs will capture some awesome photos of you all at your best, paddling your heart out down the twist and turns of the beautiful and wondrous Snake River.
Raft On!