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Best Kept Secret Shhhhh

Locals all agree – summer holidays are a great time to be on the river. For Labor Day, that’s especially true.

Fall is the time of year when Jackson folks go to bed warmed by their outdoor adventures, and wake to a cold 40 degree mist covering the grass.  The trees and landscape are still green, but change is in the air. Locals start coming back to town. Those who venture downtown can occasionally find a parking spot.  In the evening neighbors are outside discussing the weather and comparing hiking stories. Kmart and Staples are filled with back to school shoppers. No one wants to mention the “s” word. (snow).   All of a sudden, there is a push to get everything done that you didn’t do all summer. It’s over when those yellow school buses start rolling. 

If you are looking for the last hurrah, or your Amen to summer, check out the Snake River the day after Labor Day weekend.  My secret, yet credible source, informed me that this is the slowest day of the year on the river. This is your time to revel in the beauty of the fall and find your center.  Jackson’s culture tends to be fast paced, hard core and extreme compared to other places in America.  Slow it down! Fill one day with blue skies, flowing water and memories. Get on a boat and float!  


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