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The legendary Snake River in Jackson Hole WY.

The Snake, which is designated a Wild and Scenic River by Congress, meanders southward out of Jackson Lake through the heart of Grand Teton National Park. Many of the elk, mule deer, and bison that call the area home water on the river, and it’s a daily occurrence to witness bald eagles gracefully fishing for their breakfasts from the treetops. After winding through a stretch of ranch lands, the river morphs into a totally different beast when it enters the Snake River Canyon. For eight miles, steep walls funnel the river into a torrent of whitewater dotted with Class II and III rapids. With names like Lunch Counter, Rope, and the Big Kahuna, the foamy rapids and roaring spray of the Snake River Canyon make this area a favorite spot of boaters looking for a challenge.

Whitewater Stretch of the Snake River Canyon

If you book a whitewater trip, this is where you’ll hit all the big rapids.