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Physical and Mental Eligibility Criteria

The following are physical and mental eligibility criteria for all participants on any Dave Hansen Whitewater (DHWW) river trip:

  • Have the ability to get on and off of a raft independently or with the assistance of a designated companion. This may include maneuvering your body over and across tubes and fixed objects.
  • Wear a Type V Coast Guard-approved personal floatation device (maximum chest size of 56 inches).  Wearing leg straps may be required to ensure proper fit.   Where required, properly wear a helmet. 
  • The ability to hold on to taut lines or handles for balance or going through rapids.
  • The ability to remain in a seated position for greater than one hour.
  • The ability to navigate shoreline terrain, including safely maneuvering around and across boulders, rocks, and slippery and uneven surfaces, under low branches, and around vegetation unaided or with the assistance of reasonable additional equipment, or with the assistance of a designated companion. This includes the ability to maintain your balance near precipitous ledges or cliffs.
  • Though uncommon, an unexpected swim is possible. Should this occur, participant must have the ability to independently remain calm and assist in self-rescue. This includes the ability to hold your breath and control your breathing while possibly being repeatedly splashed with or submerged in water; the ability to orient yourself to new “in river” surroundings; the ability to get out from under an overturned boat; the ability to maneuver into the current and float on your back with your toes out of the water or close to the surface; the ability to swim towards a raft or shoreline while wearing a PFD; the ability to receive a rescue rope, paddle, or human assistance, and possibly let go of the same.
  • Ability to assist another passenger who has fallen out of the boat by pulling them back in.
  • Ability to follow both verbal and non-verbal instructions given by guides in all situations, including during stressful or dangerous situations, and to effectively communicate with guides and other guests.
  • The ability to maintain your own safety in an environment where allergen exposure and cross-contamination may occur.
  • The ability to manage all personal care independently or with a designated companion.
  • The ability to participate in all activities of daily living such as eating, toileting, and dressing independently or with the assistance of a designated companion. 
  • The ability to manage all personal medications, including dosing and administration, independently or with the assistance of a designated companion. 
  • The ability to remain adequately fed, hydrated, and properly dressed so as to avoid environmental injuries such as heat-related illness and sunburn.
  • The ability to participate in a group setting, in a remote environment, without negatively impacting or jeopardizing the health or safety of the other trip participants or crew. 

The above criteria, if not met, will disqualify a person from participating in a river trip with Dave Hansen Whitewater.  The criteria exist for your own safety and that of all trip participants.  None of the criteria are meant to discriminate on the basis of any physical or mental disability, and are applied uniformly to all potential trip participants, irrespective of the presence or absence of any disability.  DHWW is committed to making reasonable modifications to any trip for any persons with a disability, so long as they do not fundamentally alter the nature of the trip.