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Whether you consider yourself an expert ornithologist and bird watcher, or you think all birds are either sea-ducks or land-birds you will be sure to see birds that will dazzle you when you float the Snake River in Jackson Hole with Dave Hansen Whitewater. Of course we have spectacular large birds of prey including bald eagles, osprey, and different species of hawk and falcon. Your experienced guides will point out nesting sites, tell you interesting facts about these birds, and sometimes you can even catch a glimpse of an eagle hunting for fish. And then of course you will have the aquatic birds (known to some as “sea-ducks”) such as American white pelicans, trumpeter swans, great blue herons, merganser ducks, and black necked stilts. See nesting sites in the banks for bank swallows and belted kingfishers, and watch the swallows swoop and dive for the insects that they eat. Mountain Blue birds hope from sage bush to sage bush.  Hear a Northern Flicker drum a cottonwood tree along the bank.  See an American Dipper dive under water pick up a stone fly nymph and deliver it to its nest in one seamless motion.  These are just a few of the types of birds that you could see!