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At Dave Hansen Whitewater, we are a family of river enthusiasts. After many long days, years and seasons working and growing together on the water, we like to stay in touch with our retired guides to see where the are now.

Ryan Hoff

Ryan Hoff is a whitewater extraordinaire. Ryan joined our team in 2010 and quickly made his way up the ladder, from raft guide to head raft guide to operations manager. His 5 impressive seasons with us included the legendary summer of 2011, where we had one of the longest sustained seasons of high water in the canyon’s history! Ryan loved to make sure his guests turned into “Snake River Swim Team” members and some of his most notable rafters included the Wounded Warriors and his 84-year-old grandma…who is in her 90s now! Working on the river also allowed Ryan to guide a 21-day raft trip down the Grand Canyon and fly to Nepal for an 8-day raft trip down the Karnali River. 

After DH, Ryan made his way up to Connecticut where he is now ESPN’s Associate Producer in Event Production, meaning he produces content for some of ESPN’s largest broadcasts! Think of him next time your watching Monday Night Football or NFL and NBA draft, because those graphics are all him, live from the production truck. Though Ryan has been through many adventures in life (and there have been plenty!), Ryan maintains fatherhood tops them all. He and his wife, Liz, have a 10-month old son named Connor, who you can bet is already a wetsuit washer in training! Though they will certainly let Connor choose his own path, we know rafting is in his blood. 

The best advice Ryan has for those coming to Jackson Hole is to attack everything you do with passion. Passion and happiness are contagious, and passion is the first key to success. He advises everyone to take advantage of the beauty and experiences Jackson Hole offers. Whether you’re on the river or hiking in the mountains or exploring new trails through the hills, you will make friendships that will last forever. JH is an amazing place, just be ready to embrace adventure!

Mike Kaiser

Not only is Mike Kaiser a whitewater expert but he is also a member of our OG scenic guides. From 2004-2007 Mike conquered the whitewater waves and introduced the Wilson to South Park scenic stretch to DH. Mike was an influential member of our team, an OG guide from the beginning of the reign of our current owners! (Visit the Our Story tab for more details:) He left a fun-loving, adventure-seeking legacy at DH, and has certainly made up for dropping a trailer full of boats down the canyon when shuttling in 2005 ;).

Since DH, Mike has settled down in the rainy city of Seattle. Despite the rain, Mike loves working as a PE teacher for the Aki Kurose Middle school and has been teaching there for 16 years. Not only is he an amazing teacher and a hit among the kids, he is also the ultimate frisbee coach and has been for 15 years. His office is decked out in ultimate frisbee trophies, medals, and pictures of smiling kids. We love Mike and wish him and Aki Kurose many more championship medals!

Molly Luft

Molly Luft has redefined the “jack of all trades, master of none” to simply “master of all trades,” especially in the DH world. Not only is Molly an expert guide who quickly worked her way up to head guide, but she also earned her CDL during her time at DH, which allowed her to also drive buses for us as well as guide. She was the first DH employee to complete all legs of our 21-mile combo trip: from driving the bus to the scenic put-in, guiding the scenic section, then driving to the whitewater put-in, guiding the whitewater section, and driving her customers all the way back to our office in town to complete the trip. Usually our 21-mile combo is made up of two guides and 2 bus drivers, but Molly made it look easy to do it all as one person!

Not only was Molly a kickass employee for DH, but she also led our DH kickball team to 5 straight championships in our Teton County league! After DH, she transferred her kickball tenacity to rugby, where she was named a part of the USA Touch Women’s High Performance Squad! Since then, she has settled in Portland OR, where she is a part of the REACH non-profit that aims to bring affordable housing to many different communities, families, and individuals. This organization has been a leader in the Portland area pushing for affordable housing and implementing programs to help people maintain their homes and build financially stable lives. Molly loves that she is able to spend heaps of time in the community and help families build and care for homes that keep their families healthy! And, as if that wasn’t enough, in her spare time, Molly enjoys taking care of her farm full of many different critters. We love Molly and can’t wait to see what adventures she conquers next!

 Lily Vosmus

Lily Vosmus is a legend here at DH. Lily grew up in Brunswick, Maine, where she coincidentally went to elementary school with one of our now managers, Keith Vosmus. Little did 7-year old Lily and red-haired Keith know that they would grow up to rule the Snake and be a foundational part to DH. Lily moved to JH in 2012, and applied to DH that same year where she randomly met back up with Keith. 

Lily’s legacy still runs deep at DH. She quickly worked her way to becoming one of our most memorable senior guides and rightfully won Best Guide in the annual Best of Jackson Hole contest in 2016. She always attacked each rapid with tenacity, treated every customer with unconditional positive energy, and instilled those values in each new guide she trained. 

Though we were sad to see Lily go, our loss is TCSD’s gain. Lily now teaches 7th and 8th math at the Jackson Hole Middle School and has been for 5 years. She and Keith got married in 2018 and now have two beautiful boys, Fin and Ford Vosmus, who are sure to be future wetsuit washers (no seriously, the Snake runs in their veins!). 

Laura and Chase Sandbloom

Laura and Chase Sandbloom are the definition of the DH all star dream team. Laura came from Columbus, Ohio and Chase Sandbloom from Seattle, WA both in the year of 2009. They ruled the Snake–and the kickball field–for 6 seasons, with Chase being one of our Senior guides and Laura running the show at our office. Since then, Laura and Chase have taken their talents to Denver, Colorado with their two stellar girls. Laura is the head coach for girls varsity lacrosse at Colorado Academy and has led them to a whopping 6 straight state titles! Chase has been an English teacher for the Denver DSST secondary public schools for 8 years now and is dedicated to helping low income students get a quality education. Recently, they moved back to join their family in Ohio and cheer on the Buckeyes. We can’t wait to see what the super Sandbloom family accomplishes next!