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Meet Brian, DHWW Guide!

Meet Brian! A lifelong local to Jackson Hole, Brian started working for Dave Hansen Whitewater in 2014 as a high school student by washing wetsuits in between his soccer practices and games. After three years of wetsuit washing, his work ethic and charm convinced Bud to promote him to working in the office. Two years later, Brian became our shuttle driver. The moment Brian turned 18, he became a rafting guide. Now entering his third year guiding, Brian is a huge part of the Dave Hansen family.

Why did you start working for Dave Hansen as a high schooler?

“When I learned about the job, I was told that I could go rafting for free! I took advantage of that benefit and went rafting as much as I could. The older guides taught me how to row, how to read the water, and everything else I had to know to become the rafter I am today.”

Why did you want to become a guide?

“The first time I got on a boat, I knew that I wanted to be a guide. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be outside rafting all day (and get paid for it)? I couldn’t wait to turn 18 and get on the river as a guide. Working at Dave Hansen has opened up many doors for me to venture onto new rivers through multi-day trips, such as my 21-day Grand Canyon and 7-day Cataract Canyon trips. I feel like I’m living the dream and feel very fortunate to work for such an amazing company and with such amazing people here at DHWW.”

We’re so happy to have Brian on the water with us this summer!

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