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Thats right folks, our guides are so excited for the upcoming 2009 rafting season that they could not wait! Two of our guides, Carsten Stuhr and Cristina fenner, along with a group of other river lovers floated the 13 mile scenic Wilson to Southpark streach of river on Tuesday March third.  At around 1400 cfs, the flow was a lot less than is seen during out normal boating season, but people who go rafting when there is still a lot of snow on the ground are far from normal.  Instead of launching from a beach like we do in the summer, the rafts entered the river with a splash by sliding down a steep snowy bank – with people in them!  What is usaually a 2-3 hour trip took around 5 hours, and everyone involved loved every minute of it. Sure, everyone was a little chilly in the end, but that is to be expected when the temperatures are below freezing. Hawain shirts were worn in celebration of the start of the 2009 boatin season. A couple of young men who were wearing full dry suits even swam alongside the boat for awhile! Jackson Wyoming, where you can ski in the summer and raft in the winter if you try hard enough, or do both in the same day!