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Young boy riding on the front of a blue Dave Hansen Whitewater raft through whitewater rapids on the Snake River.

Riding Rapids with the Best

Riding Rapids with the Best

If you’ve got a hankering for heart-pounding rapids and an unbeatable river experience, look no further than the ultimate kings of the river, Dave Hansen Whitewater. For a whopping 11 years straight, we’ve been crowned the best rafting company in Jackson Hole. And the fun doesn’t stop there. We have a stellar 4.9 rating on Google with over 3,500 reviews (more than any other rafting company in town) and are officially the #1 rated local rafting company on TripAdvisor. Buckle up (or should we say strap on that life vest?) because we’re about to dive into why Dave Hansen Whitewater is the uncontested champion of river revelry.

The 11-Year Winning Streak

11 years in a row is a pretty big deal. That’s more than a decade of Dave Hansen Whitewater dominating the rafting scene in Jackson Hole. It’s like we’ve cracked the code to create the most exhilarating, unforgettable experiences on the river. And we want to share that experience with you!

Google Love: 4.9 Stars and Counting

What’s the secret sauce behind that near-perfect 4.9 rating on Google? It’s simple, we consistently deliver the goods. With over 3,500 reviews from pumped-up paddlers, it’s clear that we aren’t just floating on the water; we’re riding the wave of customer satisfaction.

Trip Advisor’s Crown Jewel: #1 Rated Local Rafting Company

Now, let’s talk about Trip Advisor – the holy grail of travel recommendations. It’s not just about conquering the rapids, it’s about conquering the hearts of adventurers worldwide and we’ve had 2,600 of those adventurers have such a great experience that they posted about it online.

A Dave Hansen Whitewater raft full of guests paddle towards a whitewater rapid on the Snake River.

Why Dave Hansen Whitewater Rocks

Guides Who Rock and Roll

Ever had a guide who’s not just skilled but also crazy passionate about what they do? That’s the standard at Dave Hansen Whitewater. They’re not just guides; they’re river maestros, turning every trip into a symphony of splashes and laughter.

Safety First, Adventure Second

Sure, the rapids are wild, but safety is the MVP here. Dave Hansen Whitewater has top-notch safety protocols and gear, ensuring you get an adrenaline rush without the worry. It’s all about the fun, not the fear.

Trips for Every Flavor of Adventurer

Whether you’re a first-timer looking for a scenic float or itching for Class III and IV rapids, we have the trip for you.

Dave Hansen Whitewater isn’t just a rafting company; it’s a lifestyle of conquering rapids, making memories, and having an absolute blast on the water. With our local accolades, we’re not just riding the waves, we’re making a splash that resonates with every adventurer lucky enough to jump on board.

A rafting guide helps an elderly woman put on a yellow lifejacket.

The Story Behind our Iconic Bears

Where are we located? Just look for the bears! The story behind our iconic bears. Story taken from the Jackson Hole News & Guide It will never again be difficult to locate Dave Hansen Whitewater and Scenic River Trips in...

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