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Rafting in the Rain in Jackson Hole Wyoming

Rain Rain Go Away…. BRING IT ON!

With the exception of hydrologists and 5 year old puddle-lovers, nothing slumps shoulders like a rainy weather forecast–especially when you’re on vacation. But chin up, fearless vacationer; there is an easy fix:

Just Go Rafting!

Now if I may state the obvious, you’re going to get wet anyway. Channel your inner 5 year-old who loved running through sprinklers and mud puddles and let’s get after it. Hold up, you say. What if I get cold?

A valid but–as you will see–unfounded concern. As 30-year veteran Teton County educator AND DHWW Bus Driver extraordinare Jeff Parrott once declared, “There is no bad weather–just poor preparation.” You will stay warm if you let us handle the preparation. We got your back! You will hoot and holler your way down the rapids, looking pretty stellar in the following gear: wetsuits, wetsuit jackets, booties, helmets, and personal flotation devices are some of the equipment we will give you for your rainy day rafting session. You can also bring any dry clothes and towels you’ll need on the bus with you for after so you can become dry immediately. Another special thing about Jackson Hole Wyoming is even when it does rain, it usually rains in intervals or for short periods of time. If you’re out on the river on a three hour trip, it’s likely you won’t be getting rained on the entire time.

Brighten Your Day with Whitewater Rafting

At Dave Hansen, we have lots of people that tell us they love our trips. We always feel as if the people who come back after a rainy day trip are the ones who have enjoyed it the most because it gave them the opportunity to make something of their day when otherwise they may have just given up the day. Read these TripAdvisor reviews from people who decided to take their rainy day in Jackson Hole Wyoming to the Snake River:

TripAdvisor user “Melissa M.” wrote on August 31, 2017…

Fun in the rain!
Thank you Sandy for a wonderful day rafting today. You made our trip that much greater with your knowledge, experience and enthusiasm! Thank you!

TripAdvisor user “Heidi F.” wrote just two short weeks ago…

Great time, even in cold and rainy weather!
For 4 out of 5 of us, this was our first whitewater trip. The river was super high but our guide, Billy, was great and took safety seriously. Our three teen boys all loved it.

Don’t let a little weather keep you inside your hotel room or keep you from getting out of your car on your vacation in Jackson Hole Wyoming….. Raft on!

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