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What to Wear: River Rafting Edition

So, you’ve booked your amazing whitewater adventure down the beautiful Snake River and now you’re wondering… “What the heck am I supposed to wear for this?!” Have no fear, it’s not hard at all! Here are some tips to help you be the most comfortable while tearing through the rapids.

1. NO COTTON! Cotton sounds so soft and warm, but on the river it’s the opposite. Never ever wear cotton! Cotton doesn’t help to hold the heat to your body to make you warm. It also takes quite a while to dry off. Save the cozy cotton tee as a change of clothes for after you’re done with your rafting excursion.


2. FLEECE, BATHING SUITS & DRYFIT MATERIALS!  These materials are great for the sort of rafting that we do here in beautiful Jackson Hole. They dry more quickly than cotton and help in holding the heat in to your body. Another great material is wool. Although it can sometimes be itchy, it also does a great job at holding the heat in.


3. SHOES WITH A BACK! When rafting with Dave Hansen’s it is important to us that you are not wearing flip flops or sporting the barefoot style. Unfortunately, flip flops often get lost and bare feet aren’t protected against any unexpected rough edges you may encounter. Anything that’s the style of a Chaco or Teva sandal is perfect because it has the adjustable straps, and has a back strap that secures your heel into the shoe. Another option that many choose, is to wear an old pair of sneakers or tennis shoes that they don’t mind getting wet. Whichever you choose, remember NO COTTON socks!


4. NEOPRENE & POLYPROPYLENE! These two materials help retain heat to your body, even when they are wet. If you have a wetsuit of your own at home, feel free to bring it in! In the office at Dave Hansen’s we have many wetsuits, wetsuit jackets, and neoprene booties available for rental. If you don’t feel like you have the proper clothing for your rafting trip, wear your bathing suit in and we’ll get you suited up in our of our neoprene wetsuits. Maybe bring a towel, and a warm, dry set of clothes to change into after your trip.
Whatever your decision, it’s important to remember to leave your valuables behind. Whatever rafting garb you decide to wear, we strongly suggest leaving behind any wedding rings, favorite bracelets or necklaces, expensive sunglasses, etc.
Credit: Float-o-Graphs
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