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Where Are They Now- Mary Grove


Mary Gove, worked with Dave Hansen from 2004 to 2012 as a “whitewater booking extraordinaire” in our office. Mary was a whiz at multitasking as she could answer a phone, dunk wetsuits, sell a t- shirt, arrange a boat list, and book a reservation all at the same time.

Mary compared her time working at Dave Hansen to that of a summer camp. She grew up with this company going as far as lying about her age so she could work here. She reflects fondly on the wild tribe days, the countless company parties, and the boggle games between trips.

Most of all, Mary appreciated the camaraderie at Dave Hansen Whitewater. Knowing that she wasn’t seen as just an employee to Bud and Kelly but rather a family member. In fact, she was early for her prom one year and decided to stop in the original office to hang out with and take prom photos with Bud and the DH bus. During her time at Dave Hansen, Mary met the love of her life and husband. In addition to this relationship, she  formed some of her best and dearest friendships during the over-book days, boat list maneuvering, t shirt folding, and wetsuit dunking that took place in that office.

After her time at Dave Hansen, Mary went on to have the most perfect baby girl. Today she is blessed to serve as a stay at home Mom, at the mercy of her two toddlers. This summer she is looking forward to taking her youngest on his first trip down the river! A future Dave Hansen employee? We think so! Mary’s final pieces of advice are to always ride the bull, swim when allowed, keep calm, and Raft On!

Advice from Previous Rafters

Advice from Previous Rafters

Most first time rafters have a lot of questions before their trip. Adventure is fun but it is always nice to know what to expect. To help answer those questions, prepare you for your trip, and insure you get the most from your experience, and we have compiled the most common tips from our previous rafters.

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Where are They Now: Ryan Hoff

Ryan worked for Dave Hansen Whitewater for five seasons from 2010-2014. During his time here, he held several positions. First as a raft guide, then as a Head Raft Guide, and finally as the Operations Manager. During his time at...

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