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Where are They Now: Ryan Hoff


Ryan worked for Dave Hansen Whitewater for five seasons from 2010-2014. During his time here, he held several positions. First as a raft guide, then as a Head Raft Guide, and finally as the Operations Manager.

During his time at Dave Hansen, Ryan had the chance to take some awesome folks down the river with him. The Wounded Warriors, his 84 year old grandmother, his College Lacrosse Coach, and the Golic Family from ESPN’s Mike and Mike in the Morning Show were just a few of the amazing guests he guided. Ryan also had the opportunity to raft the Snake River during an extremely fun, intense, and record breaking year. Jackson received a huge snowfall one winter and the river was at “High-water” for over two months and reached a high of 27,000 CFS.

While working at Dave Hansen, Ryan realized that passion for what you do is something that can get you really far no matter what profession you are in. He tries to apply that passion in everything he does. He describes working outside on the river as an incredible experience but having a great team of people working together as the key to his happiness while at Dave Hansen. He always felt that he had great support from his boss, Kyle and company owners Bud and Kelly. He also felt that Dave Hansen had the best group of guides, drivers and office staff in Jackson because they cared about their job, had fun, and worked hard. Most of all, Ryan enjoyed being involved in the highlight of people’s vacations. Ryan describes there being a lot of happiness on the Snake River from the smiles and laughs of guests to the fun times the guide crew would have between trips.

While guiding, Ryan was sure to have fun. He spend his trips trying to get his guests to make fun of Keith Vosmus as much as possible. Keith’s height and the fact that he wore gloves to combat sunburn on his hands were just a few topics for joking. Ryan also had fun by trying to get his boat to join the “Snake River Swim Team” and offering to join them if the whole boat obliged.

After leaving Dave Hansen, Kyle traveled to Dubai, Nepal, Australia, and New Zealand before settling in Hartford, CT and starting his current job in TV production at ESPN. In this position, he assists in the support the production of ESPN TV Shows and live events. The production of X Games including the World of X Games on ABC, X Games Aspen, X Games Oslo, and X Games Austin are a few of the shows he works on. In August he will switch over and begin working on the College Football production crew.

Ryan encourages current guides to enjoy what they do, smile, have fun on the river, take joy in the fact that you can help make someone’s vacation, and be passionate about the job they have. He encourages rafters to LISTEN to their guide when they are talking as they are guiding the boat for a reason. Other than that, he encourages everyone to have fun, let loose, laugh, goof around, enjoy the scenery and the experience, talk to the other guests, talk to your guide, and ask questions (there are dumb ones- but we will still answer them).

Ryan loved his five years at Dave Hansen and wouldn’t trade them for the world. DH has great people on the team from top to bottom and it was a true joy to have Ryan part of it. RAFT ON!

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