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Born and raised in Jackson, we love our local guides! They’ve been in the Snake River since before they could walk and we are psyched to have them work right here with us. Thanks to all of our local guides for a successful season and we look forward to the next!

Katy Flanagan

Born and raised right here in the valley, Katy is a Jackson girl through and through. After graduating from the University of Denver with a degree in Geography, Katy actually started her whitewater rafting career in the front office of a rafting company in Denver. After realizing she wanted out from behind the desk, she made her way back to Jackson. Fast-forward to 2022 and she is going into her 7th year as a guide! Katy is the queen of karaoke and an avid traveler. She’s been to every single continent except for Antarctica and has even ski-nannied for quadruplets in Chile. We are thrilled to welcome Katy back for her second season with our crew!

Jacie Chatham

A homegrown Jackson Hole kid, Jacie got her first hit on the Snake River’s Grand Canyon at the ripe old age of… 2! One might question her parent’s sanity, but bouncing on her mom’s lap with her dad behind the oars, Jacie sailed through Lunch Counter Rapid, hardly uttering a peep when doused with a wall of shockingly cold water. Every summer since would find her rafting with her mom, dad, and sis, chomping on cherries, playing in the mud, and studying river currents. At 11, Jacie started at Dave Hansen washing wetsuits and cleaning bathrooms, all the while dreaming of Teva tans, calloused hands, and wave trains. All these years later Jacie is at the helm behind the oars and thrilled to take people to her favorite place in the world. One last fun fact: Don’t challenge her to a foot-race—she’s cheetah-fast and will be running track at Willamette University next fall

Taylor Graue

Born and raised right here in our valley, Taylor is a true Wyoming gal. She attended the University of Wyoming with a degree in Kinesiology and Physiology and is currently working towards a nursing degree! Growing up in JH fostered a passion for the river and all things outdoors. She joined our DH crew because river guiding seemed to be the perfect way to spend the summer outside and appreciate the beautiful environment we are lucky to call home! Like most of the locals here, Taylor loves the outdoors. It’s a rare sight to catch her indoors…more likely you’ll find her tearing up the ski hills or scaling mountain sides or trail running through the park. If you get Taylor as a guide, get ready for a good time!

Madden Hart

A JH native, Madden is well-versed in the ways of the valley…and not just because he’s unicycled down Snow King Mountain before! Coming from a family of mountain guides, Madden decided to break free of the Hart family traditions and choose the river as his terrain. Madden is currently attending the University of Wyoming where, along with majoring in education, he dominates the ice rink as part of the university’s hockey team. Madden is back at Dave Hansen for his 2nd season after deciding to hang up the shuttle van keys for a PFD. An avid hiker, skier, and climber, be sure to ask Madden about the many outdoor experiences he’s had, including climbing El Capitan in Yosemite. If you get Madden as a guide, get ready for a wild time, ‘cause he’s always down for an adventure!

Brian Becerra

After working his way from a wetsuit washer in middle school to office-staff in high school to finally a bonafide raft guide, Brian is heading into his 8th year with DH and 3rd year as a guide! Brian grew up right here in Jackson Hole and has spent the majority of his life on the river. Ask his seventh grade English teacher (who just happens to be an owner), and she will tell you Brian is one of the kindest, coolest cats she’s ever had the good fortune to teach. No surprise then that Brian is also working towards a Nursing Degree through Central Wyoming College. You can always count on Brian to keep you laughing with his contagious smile and sense of humor. Get ready to get wet and have a good time!

Emmie Gocke

Born and raised right here in JH, Emmie is back home after graduating from UPenn before heading to medical school in the fall! Ready to log some outdoor time before being glued to her laptop, she is excited to be back in the adventurous, outdoorsy environment of JH. If Emmie isn’t on the river, you can pretty much find her anywhere outside, including skiing, trail running, or even bow hunting! In addition to being an awesome river guide, Emmie has also worked as an EMT, medical assistant, ski coach, ranch hand, and as a free lance writer…whew! Emmie has also traveled all around the world, so if you get Emmie as your guide, be sure to ask her about her escapades in Ecuador or her adventures in Ireland.

A Dave Hansen Whitewater raft full of guests paddle towards a whitewater rapid on the Snake River.

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Born and raised in Jackson, we love our local guides! They’ve been in the Snake River since before they could walk and we are psyched to have them work right here with us. Thanks to all of our local guides...

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